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Welcome to Dr. Dog Animal Shelter

Dr. Dog is a non-profit association founded in 2020 in response to the increase in the incidence of abandoned animals in the country. It was created with the objective of providing shelter and attention to dogs that have been abandoned and/or mistreated; as well as carrying out educational work aimed at raising awareness about animal welfare in the Paraguayan population.

Medical Attention

For rescued Puppies

Our Mission

Rescue and save abandoned puppies

Adopt a friend

Be a guardian and help the puppies by adopting them for your companion pet

Dr Dog. is a non-profit organization, but the project is not yet self-sustaining. To carry out this mission we need the monetary or logistical contribution of institutions or citizens of goodwill willing to collaborate with this noble cause. All rescues and treatments are carried out thanks to godfathers, godmothers and donors in general.

They require a rooftop as much as you and I do.

Our contribution to society

At Dr. Dog we have the mission of rescuing abandoned animals on the streets, and offering them temporary shelter where we provide them with health care, both curative of existing conditions and prevention of infectious and parasitic diseases. In addition, we give them a balanced diet, training, not least, a lot of love.

We also carry out educational work and promotion of adoption among the local population. The final vision of our shelter is to recover them and prepare them for eventual adoption by responsible people who can give an animal in need a second chance.

The Dr Dog shelter is located in the city of Limpio, Paraguay. We have a space of 1000 square meters available to our animals with a caretaker who watches over their safety 24 hours a day.

The premises have food stores, cleaning products, and an uninterrupted supply of water and electricity.


Respect for life

All rescued animals are treated with due respect. We practice zero sacrifices. Our staff has adequate training in the initial handling of dogs, which often arrive in a very poor state of health, malnourished and sometimes show aggressive behavior due to their mistreatment on the street.

New identity

Upon admission, they are given a name if they do not have it previously, they are given identification and are examined to guide their medical care. Each animal has its file, where its data will be recorded, as well as its medications and the vaccines administered to it.

Rehabilitation with love

The puppies are rehabilitated, cared for with care and prepared before embarking on the search for future adopters who can provide them with a happy life.

Meet the Companies that support us

Find out how your company can also help Dr. Dog


This company supported the project with donations of construction materials.


Thanks to this company we have been able to fulfill the dream of building the facilities for the Dr. Dog shelter.


Thanks to this company at the Dr. Dog shelter, all the puppies have good lighting. We appreciate this valuable contribution.


This company donates cleaning products, spray products, bath products and deworming products for the rescued puppies to the Dr Dog Shelter.


This company collaborates in a monetary way to cover some of the basic needs of the shelter, such as electricity, water and staff payment.


This company assists us with part of the balanced food that each puppy needs daily for its optimal recovery.


This company donated the website to us so that we can reach more people and thus be able to continue rescuing more puppies from the streets.


This company provides us with a part of the medicines that we need to cover for the medical treatment of the puppies.


This company has organized a campaign in order to allocate part of its income within a period of time, to the Dr. Dog Shelter

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