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Humans and animals, we are all earthlings, we must live in harmony. No species is superior to another in every way. For example, our poor sense of smell and hearing forces us to rely on dogs’ olfactory and hearing acuity in many situations. Adopting a dog is gaining a faithful friend, who will always welcome you home with the greatest joy, no matter how your day has been, and will provide you with:

Our rescue work is also important at a social level, the reduction in animal begging allows us to have cleaner streets with fewer motorcyclist and pedestrian accidents, as well as a reduction in the risk of many diseases.

Through this noble action, we also employ local people, who work as caregivers, vets and general services.

Ultimately, it’s a win-win relationship.


Hundreds of cases of abandoned dogs are reported daily, of which we are helplessly unable to meet the demand due to the lack of contributions, donations and support to support the priority needs of the shelter dogs. It is extremely necessary that everyone collaborate with the cause, donating monthly so that we can continue rescuing and giving up for adoption.

We strive daily to meet the needs of the puppies that are inside the shelter, providing them with the best quality care for their safety and peace of mind while their new adoptive families arrive.

"The look of a dog is the best mirror where you can check the greatness of your soul!"

"Help Us Save Man’s Best Friends"

Our values

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Why trust Dr. Dog?

The evidence of our work is remarkable.
The dogs that have been rescued from deplorable states have made a perfect recovery.
Because Doctor Dog representatives are benevolent, charitable and very caring people who have on many occasions supported all the necessary expenses out of their own pockets.
The management is extremely clean and transparent.
The fundamental objective is to save the lives of these dogs.