The rescued puppies

Who are still in the shelter


Lobo's state of health was deplorable, he came to us with many worms in his belly; He was seriously hospitalized for a long time and the doctors themselves did not give him hope for life, but little by little we were seeing the results of love, care and perseverance and we saw him recover. (He was rescued from a clean house)


Sasha was in a severe state of malnutrition and with a flea infestation. Together with her brothers, she was rescued from the house where they were mistreating her, leaving them exposed to hunger and homelessness, since they were outdoors all day, without water and shelter.


Brownie was totally abandoned, the only thing she received from the family where she lived was mistreatment and kicks when her owners passed by. We were greatly moved to learn the story of these three brothers who were not valued by their own human families.


Frida came to us with a fairly serious case of Ehrlichia and leishmaniasis; thank God the disease of the Ehrlichia could be controlled in time. Now she is free of that and is only treated periodically for the leishmaniasis she has. She has her godmother who is her human guardian angel.


Tyson is a dog assigned to us by Animal Defense; When he came to us he was dehydrated, malnourished, with Ehrlichia and leishmaniasis. Now he regularly continues his treatment with allopurinol.


On a trip we made to the city of Aregua we found a dog lying in the dump, he was completely covered in garbage and bones, we decided to name him Aregua. After deworming, hydration and balanced feeding treatments, our Aregua pup is now strong and healthy.


Choco was one of the first rescued when we started on this journey of rescuing puppies from the streets. A young woman found out about our initiative and contacted us. We found him on the street in very bad condition, he had sores, ticks, fleas; his body was malnourished and without strength, his fur was dried out by the sun and his tongue was twisted and stuck out because of the immense thirst he had. When we begin to assist him, Choco shows us his thank you sign by licking our hands. It was there that we knew we were on the right path.


Grandfather is also part of the group of the first rescued. His health was (and still is) extremely delicate, since he is a very old dog, he is blind. This represented a serious danger on the streets where he used to be in the city of Asunción, since he, not being able to see, put his life and the lives of drivers at risk when crossing the streets. He was in very poor health, but more than his health it was abandonment and neglect that was reflected in his body and his countenance. Grandfather has leishmaniasis and we treat him periodically with allopurinol.


Odi had a human companion, but unfortunately his friend, partner and caretaker passed away and he was left alone and helpless. When we went to look for him, Odi was in an unsanitary condition and malnourished; he was half-blind, with badly inflamed eyes. We also detected leishmaniasis in him and he continues his treatment with allopurinol.


We went to the request for help from a young woman who was going through a very delicate personal process; we met Maka who was apparently in perfect health. After a general check-up, she was detected with leishmaniasis, now she continues her treatment periodically.


Sol is a little dog that radiates her own light, unfortunately where we found her, the people in the area did not think the same; she was abandoned along with her two sisters near a mechanical workshop. Her mother had died after giving birth on the street, those were the only data we had on the sisters. Sol is in perfect health.


Luna and Sol share the same luck, they were very tiny when we brought them to the shelter. We still remember the moment when we took them in our arms and they responded so lovingly and sympathetically to us. These sisters stole our hearts.


Truli is also a puppy assigned by Animal Defense; He, like Tyson Choco, Lili and Nicky, are assisted for their monthly feeding by Animal Defense.


Nena's case is very moving since her owner had to make the difficult decision to separate from her friend due to a serious health problem and loneliness. The lady was hospitalized but a short time before she turned to us to beg us and promise to take care of her friend. Unquestionably Nena made herself the darling of the shelter. After routine evaluations, she was detected with leishmaniasis. Now he regularly continues his treatment with allopurinol.


Nicky was also released to us by Animal Defense; because we seek to collaborate together with organizations in favor of the defense and care of animals. At this moment Nicky is completely healthy, happy and calm.